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Fresh air heightens the senses. A fact not lost on our chef.

Another day draws to a tranquil close. We could think of no greater travesty than to have it conclude with an average meal.

Not that there is any risk of that at Lone Mountain Ranch.

With the setting sun casting alpenglow on the surrounding peaks, families gather in the Saloon to reflect on their day in the mountains. After exchanging a couple of stories of the days’ adventures, they casually make their way into the dining room. It’s a time for families and couples to share their experiences over a gourmet meal.

The dining experience at Lone Mountain Ranch is approached with unwavering care. Meals are epicurean exercises taking advantage of locally produced offerings where possible and prepared to satisfy the kind of appetite that develops after outdoor adventures.

Breakfasts typically unfold with the likes of banana pancakes and eggs benedict while dinner may include such Northern Rocky Mountain cuisine as elk chops, local lamb and burgers that exceed even the most grandiose expectations.

Dining Room Hours, 7am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9pm daily
Saloon Hours, 11am-10pm daily

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All manner of dietary restrictions are personally accommodated and the options afforded our guests are frequently cited as highlight of their stay.

Family-style dinners, Campfires, Hillside Barbeques and Trailside Buffets frequently punctuate both the summer and winter seasons.

For reservations, call the Dining Room & Saloon at 406-995-2782.

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Sleigh Ride Dinner

“All of the food was delicious- we were delighted by what great care was taken to make sure that our gluten allergy was accommodated. The service at every turn was top-notch and the folks on the ranch are genuinely happy to be there.”

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