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Massage & Yoga

Rejuvenate with our massage therapists and certified yoga instructors

After a day of exploring the wilderness by horseback, mountain bike orYellowstone National Park, guests enjoy the balance and therapeutic rewards offered by our certified instructors through our massage and yoga therapy sessions. While massages and yoga are relaxing in their nature, our sessions are designed to reinvigorate guests so they are able to get back out on the trails.

From the Vinyasa style yoga offered, which is designed to warm the body and build stamina, strength and flexibility, to the many types of massage therapies offered, which involve range of motion passive stretching and sports massage techniques, guests are relaxed and revived after a yoga or massage session.

The benefits of massage and yoga are also noted to help guests shorten the time it takes them to acclimate to the high altitude and prevent injuries during their activities at the ranch.

We recommend you sign up for these activities at the beginning of your trip as class space fills up quickly.  


Massage is no longer a luxury but a proven medical modality that improves immune and cardiac function, accelerates healing and recovery from soft tissue injuries such as sprains, strains and overuse, shortens high altitude acclimation time and can help prevent injuries.

There are two massage studios located in the B-K guest lounge. Our massage therapists specialize in techniques that support your physical activities at the Ranch and also optimize the restorative properties of this incredible natural environment.

In her over 18 years at Lone Mountain Ranch, Nicki Nelson leads our massage therapists. She uses a variety of techniques such as Swedish, acupressure, Russian manipulations, Thai, reflexology, shiatsu and cranial sacral work. Especially noted for her range of motion passive stretches, Nicki employs an invigorating, yet relaxing firm pressure sports massage. Add a Feet Treat for hardworking feet and La Stone Therapy as a special hot stone/massage combination to really treat yourself.

Your massage therapy session can begin as early as 8:00 am or as late as 9:00pm. It's recommended to show up 5-10 minutes early to discuss your situation with your therapist so they can design a session that addresses your specific needs.

Rates for Therapeutic Massage
30 minute therapeutic massage, $60
60 minute therapeutic massage, $95
90 minute therapeutic massage, $140

90 minute LaStone Therapy, $155

30 minute Short Feet Treat (Foot scrub and rub), $55
45 minute Blissful Feet Treat (Foot scrub/rub/paraffin dip), $70
60 minute Ultimate Feet Treat (Blissful Treat with zone therapy and acupressure), $80

Package Prices
A discount of $5.00 off each massage will be given when 3 or more treatments per reservation are scheduled.

Rates are subject to change.


Our certified instructors primarily practice Vinyasa Yoga, which uses a vigorous flow of postures designed to warm the body and build stamina, strength and flexibility. Vinyasa yoga produces an internal heat that tones the muscles and purifies the body, which is the perfect complement to the vast activities guests participate in during their week at the Ranch.

Yoga is included in your package price and is offered Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday at 7 a.m. We recommend you sign up early for yoga classes as the B-K can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests.


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“Our favorite memories are here at the Ranch, the food, the wildlife, the snow, the hot tub, Nicki‚Äôs massages and skiing in Yellowstone.”
- Donna - San Diego, CA

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